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The fantastic underwater playground for kids! You will find yourself in a cozy underwater world with happy fish swimming around the reef. Feed them with the food you win in the engaging mini-games


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Lagoona is a very high-quality children’s app. Developers have covered just about every important detail, from making the app easy for children to operate to creating mini-games that are both challenging and beneficial. The app makes good use of iOS’s multi-touch capabilities. The incentive system is particularly ingenious and will thrill almost any young child. logo
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Rated 8.2 out of 10 stars from

What really caught my eye was the artwork. It’s bright. It’s animated. What more could a kid want. It keeps them locked and loaded on the game and ready to take the next step. It also emits a kind of happy sensory feeling, which I give super bonus points to, because anything that can keep a kid in a good mood gets my vote!


7 fun multi-touch games

Lagoona includes 7 fun multi-touch games designed for kids aged 3–7:


Boost your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with this delightful color-sorting game. Sort the shiny pearls by smashing them on the sides of the spinning circle. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty, each containing 20 levels of increasing difficulty.


Improve your concentration and ability to recognize shapes and patterns. Rotate and correctly arrange the shapes on the board to complete a level. This game will challenge your skills with 60 levels of increasing complexity.


Who doesn’t love to connect the dots? Practice number recognition with this classic puzzle. Join all the dots to see the final image! Choose from 27 drawings in 3 levels of difficulty.


Create your own work of art with this fun, interactive painting game. Splash paint from the buckets onto the canvas, or paint with different brushes and sizes for different effects. Learn about color mixing as you mix your own colors in the paint buckets. (To mix a color, just drag blobs of paint from one bucket to another.)


Create your own jigsaw puzzle! Select a photo from your photo library, and the app will turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. Or, you can choose to play one of the included puzzles. You can also create a puzzle with your own masterpiece from the in-app painting game.


How good is your memory? Find out in this classic matching pairs game. Choose a game of 8, 16 or 24 pieces in 3 different themes.


Have fun with the colorful silhouette puzzle, where you match pieces to the correct silhouettes. There are 6 themes and 3 difficulty levels to choose from.


You can win up to 3 stars in each level. You will even win a trophy when you complete all the levels in a game! Your achievements, progress and personal best score are saved so you can challenge yourself. Throughout the games, you will win food that you can feed to the hungry fish.


The design is child-friendly, cheerful and bright. The game contains charming animation, pleasant background music and dynamic sound effects. The easy navigation makes it ideal for children to play on their own. Each game has 3 levels of difficulty, so they can each be adapted to the child's age and development. Since the app does not require an internet connection, you can take it anywhere!

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